SPG – National Advisory Committee

  • Manuel Matos Fernandes (President of SPG)
  • Alexandre Pinto (Vice-President of SPG)
  • Ana Vieira (Secretary General of SPG)
  • Hélder Chaminé (Deputy Secretary of SPG)
  • António Cristóvão (Treasurer of SPG)
  • António Gomes Correia (Chair of Conference Organising Committee)
  • José Luís Machado do Vale (President of Portuguese Chapter of IGS)
  • Isabel Fernandes (Ciências ULisboa)

Organizing Committee

  • António Gomes Correia, UMinho (Chairman)
  • Joaquim Tinoco, UMinho
  • Paulo Cortez, UMinho
  • Luís Lamas, LNEC

National Technical Committee

  • Alexandre Pinto (JetSJ)
  • Ana Vieira (LNEC)
  • Manuel Parente (INESCTEC)
  • Ionut Dragos Moldovan (IST)

International Advisory Committee

  • Xia-Ting Feng (President of FedIGS)
  • Jean-Louis Briaud (Immediate Past President of FedIGS)
  • Charles Ng (President of ISSMGE)
  • Roger Frank (Immediate Past President of ISSMGE)
  • Eda Freitas de Quadros (President of ISRM)
  • Scott Burns (President of IAEG)
  • Chungsik Yoo (President of IGS)
  • Russell Jones (Immediate Past President of IGS)
  • Fumio Tatsuoka (Past President of IGS)
  • Hehua Zhu (President of JTC2)
  • David Toll (Immediate Past President of JTC2)
  • Gyan N Pande (President of the International Centre for Computational Engineering (IC2E))
  • Allen Cadden (Past President of Geo Institute, ASCE)
  • Zhongqiang Liu (Chair TC309)
  • Erol Tutumluer (Chair TC202)

International Scientific Committee

  • Members of JCT2 (FedIGS)
  • Anna Maria Ferrero (JTC2, FedIGS), University of Turin, Italy
  • Fang Liu (JTC2, FedIGS), Tongji University, China
  • Ian Brown (JTC2, FedIGS),  Ian R Brown Associates Ltd, New Zeland
  • Martin Grenon (JTC2, FedIGS), Université Laval, Canada
  • Anand J. Puppala, The University of Texas at Arlington, USA
  • George K. Chang, The Transtec Group, USA
  • Marcos Arroyo A. de Toledo, UPC, Spain
  • Mike Winter, TRL, UK
  • Soheil Nazarian, The University of Texas at El Paso, USA